Little Bear. Endless forest. A great adventure!

Imagine a little bear lost in a huge, dark forest. She surreptitiously wipes a tear that falls on a dirty, hairy cheek. Meet Edward, who is about to travel in search of his parents. On his way he will meet other inhabitants of the forest: an unruly sow Zosia, wise fox Dominik, or experienced the life of the beaver Arthur. Each of them carries some stories. You will discover them on the pages of this book!

Jacek Kaszewski’s debut is an invitation to the world of fairy tales, full of magic, flavors and fragrances of childhood. The author proves that the most important in life are relationships with relatives – family, friends. It is a story about taming fear, courage and a promise that you can not break.

Fairytale adventure has just begun!

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Pages: 45

Publishing date: 20.10.2018

ISBN: 978-83-949736-1-2